Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Buried Life

Link to My Buried Life Video:

Author's Note:

I am an seventeen year old female, going through my final week of highschool and I find life to be an adventure. Going through different obsticales as it passes you by. I wanted to make a bucket list to keep life's obsitales interesting. These are a few things I would like to do before I die. I am very outgoing so I find quite a few of these easy to do, but hey, if I finish I can always elongate my list. I am a huge Montreal Canadiens fan so a lot of my list has to do with that or just hockey in general, since I also play. I also want to see a lot of the world, travel and meet new people so on my list there is a lot of places I would like to visit in the near future. I hope to be able to complete my list, and be able to write many others that I complete as well. Life is a gift and we need to use it wisely and make the most of the time spent here on earth. 

My Bucket List:

1.Cut my hair short lock bridge in France
3.get married diving lining  DONE
6.swim with dolphins 
7. Go to Ireland 
8. Have kids
10. See the Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley cup in person 
11. Meet carey price again 
12. Live somewhere other than Manitoba for at least a year  SOON TO BE DONE
13. Dye the majority of my hair blonde DONE
14. Save a life 
15. Drop everything and leave
16. Road trip, no destination 
17. Streak down a very public place
18. Spend a night in jail
19. Meet Johnny depp
20. Be in a Hollywood movie
21. Write a novel
22. Invent something
23. Scuba dive in Jamaica
24. Jump into a pool fully clothed DONE
25. Visit my uncle in japan
26. Be a mermaid for a day (photoshoot)
27. Graduate university
28. With city champs again for hockey 
29. Have a crazy night in Vegas
30. Get a perm
31. Play on the bell center ice 
32. Go to carnival in Brazil 
33. Go to watch the Winter Olympics 
34. Buy a house with a chandelier in front
35. Learn to meditate 
36. Run in a marathon SOON TO BE DONE 
37. Go to the Ellen show
38. Be a hockey coach
39. Go to a Miley Cyrus concert 
40. Have hair so long it touches my butt
41. Pull an all nighter
42. Have a scrimmage with the Montreal Canadiens 
43. Graduate highschool 
44. Say in a court room "the truth? You can't handle the truth"
45. Take a homeless person to dinner
46. Go see a movie alone 
47. Get a tattoo 
48. Buy a MacBook 
49. Get over my fear of bridges
50. Talk myself out of a speeding ticket 


  1. It is sad that you're moving, but you get a new beginning and a completely new chapter which is so exciting! Your video was super cute! I really enjoyed it! Best of luck to you in Alberta!

  2. Your video was so cute! I thought it was also funny and very creative. Hopefully you can cross more off of your bucketlist

  3. I loved your video! The way that you presented the 25 items, super entertaining!

  4. I loved your presentation. Everything was meaningful to you and the video was pretty entertaining.

  5. I really really really liked your video! You obviously put a lot of time and effort and thought into it! I hope that you find time later in life to complete all of the items on your list!

  6. Your video was really cute, I like how you did the visuals, they were very creative.

  7. Loved your video! It was really funny! And a great way to complete this project! Seems like you had a lot of fun making it and clearly put a lot of effort into it!