Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Florida Trip, Christmas 2013

This past Christmas my parents surprised my brother and I with a trip to Florida! Not only was it the four of us, my grandpa came as well!  We went to Orlando for a day and my aunt and two cousins surprised us when we arrived. The next day we went to Universal Studios, the rides are amazing. The second day we drove in to Tampa Bay and went to watch a Montreal Canadiens vs. Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game, the Canadiens is my family's favorite NHL team and as you may be able to tell from the photos my favorite player is Carey Price. They ended up winning in shoot out, It was crazy! The next day we drove to just on the outskirts of Miami, it was called Sunshine and went to see a second Montreal Candiens vs. Florida Panthers game! They fell short that game but it was still a good game! The fourth day we went to the Everglades and went on a alligator tour! I actually got to hold a real baby alligator! After that we continued driving to Key Largo and spent a day by the pool relaxing. On the fifth day we went snorkeling! The water was rough but I got to see some cool fish, even though I'm terrified of water, that was New Years Eve and we went out for a nice dinner later that night! The next day we drove all the way back to Orlando and flew out! It was an amazing trip and I will never ever forget it. The highlight of my trip was for sure seeing the habs play in two games! 

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