Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt #2

From left to right:

1. Metaphoto/When I was little- This photo is taken from my iphone and the actual picture is on my ipad. This is me when i was little and I was in dance classes and was actually pretty good, i eventually quit to play hockey but it was a huge part of my life.
2. Metaphoto- This is a photo of inside my grade 11 year book and it is a photo of me doing the thing i love most, playing hockey.
3. Metaphoto- This is a photo of a photobooth slip when my boyfriend and I went on our first date, we went into the photo booth and took these wonderfully embarrassing photos.
4. Close-up- This is my favorite teddy bear of all time, Mister Bear. He isn't actually a bear, he's a puppet. I've had him since I was 6 months old and I will always have him.
6. Words/Letters- This is a picture i found online and it is a quote that i highly believe in, you can find this at:
8. Alone- This is a photo of me sitting all alone in the creepy hallway to represent feeling alone.
9. Past/Future- This is my kindergarden graduation photo beside my highschool graduation photo, it's crazy to see these side by side to see the difference. 

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