Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading Tweets #4

Allegiant; page 1-174


Remember when I couldn't choose between Dauntless and Abegnation? #lol #TBT 

Who is Edith Prior? She's related to me? The woman who started whatever is outside the fence? 

What could possibly be outside the fence? #iwonder

Evelyn should get off her high horse and be friends with me. #youregonnabemymotherinlaw

I'm so happy Christina and Cara got released without questioning. 

They've been hiding this "America" place from us? We're some sort of experiment? 

My mother knew about this...she didn't come to save me at Erudite....I'm so confused.

They've been observing us...not helping us through all of this chaos.


I can't stop thinking about when Peter was holding her, lifeless. But she was just drugged.. #TBT

Feeling her lips against mine, I truly love her <3 

Is it bad that I'm happy that people are working against my mother? #sorrynotsorry

My mother has been so much more open to me after I told her Tris and I broke up, even though it was a lie #fail

I still have four fears, but they've changed, that one of not being able to save Tris is the worst. 

I'm enjoying playing this little game on Caleb, he deserves it for what he did to Tris #sorrynotsorry

Amar is alive, and they faked his death #what 

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