Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading Assignment #3


Text to self connection:
Beatrice was having a very hard time deciding on where she belongs among the factions and couldn't decide what she would be best in, between taking a risk and choosing Dauntless or staying with what she knows and her family and choosing Abnegation. Beatrice not being able to decide who she is relates to me quite a bit. I have had a rough time trying to choose between two different paths for next year and what to take in University. I couldn't decide between going into the RCMP or going to University to become a lawyer. I didn't know what fit me best and what I would excel in. This is close to Beatrice's internal conflict because she can't decide her fate either. Eventually Beatrice chooses the risk with going to Dauntless and I have chosen to go to University to become a lawyer and we both love our decisions.

Text to text connection:
In Divergent we see an alternate reality where people don't have it very easy and there is a corrupt government, people are forced to choose a certain faction and can not do anything that involves an other faction or show qualities that apply to another faction, which I think is not ok because people are supposed to be able to be who they want. I see a text to text connection with Divergent and the Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games we see an alternate reality with a corrupt government also, children are choosing to fight to death which is publicly broadcasted across the country. This is also a life that would not be too fun to live in and it is the government trying to show their power over the people in all the wrong ways.

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