Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading Tweets #1

Divergent, knock off of the Hunger Games. Currently on page 222 and it's pretty interesting, confusing but for sure interesting #intro 

Beatrice, three of the factions? Which one will she choose? I'm assuming she's gonna leave her faction #scandalous #question 

Judging by the fact the book is called "divergent" I'm gonna say that qualifying for 3 factions is called "divergent" #comment 

!- Beatrice's mother was Dauntless, I know it, how else would she know about the fight training? #didntseethatcoming #prediction 

if I got to pick a faction I think I'd choose dauntless. what about you guys? dauntless? abnegation? candor? erudite? amity? #discuss

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