Monday, 3 March 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt

In order from left to right:

1. Love: This is a picture of me and my boyfriend of a year and 9 months, he is my first love and I think this is a good representation of the theme because we love each other. 
2. Hate: Sushi, I detest sushi, no matter how many times I try it and try to be open minded I really hate it.
3. Friendship: This is my friend Alexa and I and we have been bestfriends since grade 7, and we've been through some rough times but managed to still to this day be bestfriends and I couldn't ask for anyone better. 
4. Symbolism: It is a picture of a dried out red rose and it represents love. 
5. Black & White: This is a picture of my other bestfriends and I, I love how it shows us in the moment and how truly happy we are to be together. 
6. Passion: This is a picture of Carey Price and I, he is the starting goalie of the Montreal Canadiens. I have many passions and this photo represents all of them. Hockey, Montreal Canadiens, goaltending and Carey Price. 
7. Talent: My talent is hockey, I have been playing for 12 years and it is what I am best at. 
8. Family: This is my hockey team, we are truly one big family. We argue of course but we will always be there for each other. We support each other through anything and whenever you need someone you can count on them to be there. We all love each other and it's such an amazing group of all sorts of different people from different spiral groups and it's awesome. 
9. Confession: This is me in a fort that I and my boyfriend made, my confession is that I am still a little kid at heart. 

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